• 1257074 The Judgement of Solomon by Sebastiano del Piombo
  • 979650 Palladian Hall
  • 2900066.4 Watercolour and pencil drawing for The Forrest by Philip Webb
  • 446698 William Augustus Bowles (1763-1805), as a Native American Indian Chief
  • 707418 Staffordshire ceramic of two lovers
  • 3130883 The Lyme Missal
  • 355472 View of the Thames with Blackfriars Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral by Samuel Scott
  • 1335624 Face mask from Bali depicting the mythological ‘Rangda’, demon Queen of Leyak
  • 138286.1 Claude-Joseph Vernet, oil on canvas, Night
  • 1151253 Chamber organ
  • 290370 A Farmstead in Winter, Calke Abbey
  • 810136 Self-portrait, wearing a White Feathered Bonnet by studio of Rembrandt van Rijn
  • 584423 Idleness and the Pilgrim of Love by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
  • 904367.8 Love's Empire

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