Treasured Possessions: Riches of Polesden Lacey

Polesden Lacey was the lavish country retreat of Margaret Greville (1863-1942), the socialite, hostess, and art collector who entertained here from 1909 until her death. 

The house displays her extraordinary art collection, including items she inherited from her father, the self-made brewing magnate William McEwan MP, and the finest pieces from her London townhouse, which came to Polesden Lacey at her request to be ‘enjoyed by the largest number of people’.

Mrs Greville bequeathed Polesden Lacey to the National Trust in memory of her father, William McEwan

© National Trust Images/Gary Coshan

The exhibition

This exhibition reveals the riches of Mrs Greville’s collection. Here you can discover some of her most significant treasures and explore how she amassed masterpieces by the world’s greatest artists, outstanding examples of ceramics and silver, as well as exquisite objects by Cartier and Fabergé.


An international business, a global collection

Room One

'My pictures'

Room Three

Silver and objets de vertu

Room Five

Mrs Greville's ceramics collection

Room Two

Objets de fantaisie: Fabergé and Cartier

Room Four

A display of royal affection

Room Six

All photos © National Trust Images/David Brunetti Photography, unless otherwise stated.

25 Apr 2022