Boy with a Bird's Nest in a Tricorn Hat

after Thomas Hudson (Devonshire 1701 – Twickenham 1779)
National Trust Inventory Number 866463

Category Art / Oil paintings
Date circa 1776
Materials Oil on canvas
Measurements 930 x 815 mm
Place of origin England
Collection Wordsworth House, Cumbria (Accredited Museum)
On show at Wordsworth House, Cumbria, North West, National Trust

Summary description

Oil painting on canvas, Boy with a Bird's Nest in a Tricorn Hat, after Thomas Hudson (Devonshire 1701 – Twickenham 1779), circa 1776. A three-quarter-length portrait of a young boy, turned to the right, gazing at the spectator, dressed in a blue waistcoat beneath a grey coat with silver buttons, he holds a tricorn hat and bird's nest in his left hand against a landscape setting with trees.

Makers and roles

after Thomas Hudson (Devonshire 1701 – Twickenham 1779), artist

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