The Meet of a Hunt with Henry II Hoare (1705 - 1785)

John Wootton (Snitterfield c.1682 – London 1765)
National Trust Inventory Number 732281

Category Art / Oil paintings
Date 1729 (signed and dated)
Materials Oil on canvas
Measurements 1880 x 1626 mm (74 x 64 in)
Place of origin England
Collection Stourhead, Wiltshire (Accredited Museum)
On show at Stourhead, Wiltshire, South West, National Trust

Summary description

Oil painting on canvas, The Meet of a Hunt with Henry II Hoare (1705 - 1785) by John Wootton (Snitterfield c.1682 – London 1765), signed and dated: J. Wootton fecit 1729. Horsemen and hounds gather by an obelisk on the left, overlooking an extensive view which, although the obeleisk is not in the actual garden at Stourhead, looks like the environs of the house and its grounds. Henry Hoare is mounted, wearing a grey coat, at the left and behind him a groom is leading up a second horse. The figure in the centre, standing beside his horse, elderly and wearing scarlet, may be the huntsman and behind him, at the right, Benjamin Hoare, in blue, mounted on a chestnut. There are a several couple of hounds and another groom with a grey horse further behind on the right.


Brought from Wavendon by Sir Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare 6th Bt (1865 - 1947) and Alda Weston, Lady Hoare (d. 1847) between 1894 and 1898. Given to the National Trust along with the house, its grounds, and the rest of contents by Sir Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare, 6th Bt (1865 – 1947) in 1946.

Credit line

Stourhead, The Hoare Collection (National Trust)

Marks and inscriptions

Recto: . Signed and dated: J.Wootton fecit 1729
Inscribed with the names of Henry Hoare and Benjamin Hoare of Boreham.

Makers and roles

John Wootton (Snitterfield c.1682 – London 1765), artist


Kenneth Woodbridge, 'The Sacred Landscape. Painters and the Lake-garden of Stourhead, Apollo, 88, 1968, p.210 & fig. 1

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