A Pastoral Landscape

Francesco Zuccarelli, RA (Pitigliano 1702 - Florence 1788)
National Trust Inventory Number 732089

Category Art / Oil paintings
Date circa 1730 - circa 1745
Materials Oil on canvas
Measurements 1010 x 1340 mm (39 3/4 x 52 3/4 in)
Place of origin Italy
Collection Stourhead, Wiltshire (Accredited Museum)
On show at Stourhead, Wiltshire, South West, National Trust

Summary description

Oil painting on canvas, A Pastoral Landscape by Francesco Zuccarelli, RA (Pitigliano 1702 - Rome 1788), circa 1730-45. On the left, framed by a group of tall trees, a shepherd herds his cattle. He looks over towards a cow standing in the left foreground. In the centre, a horseman herds some sheep across a stream. Three peasant women are washing clothes on some rocks on the opposite bank of the stream at the far right. There are buildings in the middle distance on the right and at the left, a white church can be seen on the bank of a river estuary which stretches into the distance. To the right, a snowcapped mountain appears on the horizon. Birds fly above in a cloudy pink sky.


Probabaly acquired, with its pendant, through Consul Smith in Venice; hence the fact that they have retained their Venetian frames but not listed in Stourhead until end of the 19th century;brought from Wavendon by Sir Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare 6th Bt (1865 - 1947) and Alda Weston, Lady Hoare (d. 1947) between 1894 and 1898. Given to the National Trust along with the house, its grounds, and the rest of contents by Sir Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare, 6th Bt (1865 – 1947) in 1946.

Credit line

Stourhead, The Hoare Collection (The National Trust)

Makers and roles

Francesco Zuccarelli, RA (Pitigliano 1702 - Florence 1788), artist


Stourhead Wiltshire, 1992: List of Pictures, [National Trust; Anthony Mitchell & Alastair Laing] 1992 , p.16

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