A Religious Procession (predella panel)

Italian (Venetian) School
National Trust Inventory Number 355574

Category Art / Oil paintings
Date 1570 - 1599
Materials Oil on panel
Measurements 448 x 1568 mm
Place of origin Venice
Collection Blickling Hall, Norfolk (Accredited Museum)
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Summary description

Oil painting on panel, Predella panel. A Religious Procession, Italian (Venetian) School, late 16thcentury. The procession is led by figures carrying a banner on which Saint Mark appears (holding pen and book, with an attendant lion); in the centre, under a baldachino, a crimson-covered ark is borne (before which even statues in the buildings bow down in adoration!); a bishop follows, his hand raised in blessing. The procession is passing buildings, the facades of which are decorated with marble statues set in niches between paired columns. An inscription below the saint’s banner reads: IB [INRI?] / MAR / CE. The procession is led by canons carrying this and a Marian banner aloft, followed by black-habited friars.


Given to Mary Anne Talbot to Constance, Marchioness of Lothian, 23rd June 1881; bequeathed with the hall and contents by Philip,11th Marquess of Lothian (1882-1940)

Credit line

Blickling Hall, The Lothian Collection (National Trust)

Makers and roles

Italian (Venetian) School , artist
possibly Jacopo Palma il Giovane (Venice c.1548 – Venice 1628), artist

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Jacopo Palma il Giovane (Venice c.1548 – Venice 1628) (5)
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