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'Treasures of Osterley: Rise of a Banking Family' opened at Osterley Park and House, London, on 4 November 2019 and ran until 23 Feburary 2020.

The exhibition was curated by John Chu with contributions from Benjamin Alsop, Emile de Bruijn, Patricia Ferguson, James Rothwell, David Taylor and Megan Wheeler.

This online exhibition was edited and produced by Gabriella de la Rosa.

All photos, unless otherwise stated, are © National Trust Images / John Hammond 2019.


With special thanks to The Earl of Jersey, Art Fund, Friends of Osterley, Royal Bank of Scotland Heritage Hub, Christ’s Hospital Museum, The Bank of England and The National Gallery, London.

Thanks also to BEAM, Neil Cole, Alison Dalby, James Dobson, Rebecca Ellison, Susannah Elliot, Lyndsey Feeney, Ffion George, John Hammond, Rupert Harris, Feng He, Fi Jordan, Peter Key, Chris Lacey, James Miller, Rinku Mitra, NA Creative, Judith O’Flynn, Lisa Oxborough, Lucy Porten, Alice Rylance-Watson, Neena Sohal, Stephanie Sourojon, Chris Tutt, James Weedon, Claudia Whitehouse, Fraser Wiles and Philip Winterbottom.

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Treasures of Osterley: Rise of a Banking Family


04 Nov 2019